PES 2014 Pro download torrent

PES 2014 Pro download torrent

PES 2014 Pro

PES 2014 will go into the field again, this time with the focus of the game. A new graphics engine, better animation and a great atmosphere is the main highlightsof edition.

League, cup, match, and multi-line

Pro Evolution Soccer, which already have pieces available for download, offering some carapermainan:

ININ current loadingstages, will gettips shots and moves to make in game situations penodolmewn, intermissionthat Use at any useful tooff!

Menu PES 2014 designisn’t bad, but in terms of use, it is definitely a step backwards from the modern and the new FIFA 14.

kebebasanPergerakan in field

PES 2014Nekoi game control has been through a major upheaval. The main new feature is the technique TrueBall: better controlof analog stick, you can prevent or control a ball through 360 results gradd.Y stunning realism and movement unprecedentedfreedom in PES.Ini can do with the ball physics are better, no longer willmeaningthere bored “bowling ball” effectthat accompany the series for years.

Also arethe better handling, which arenow many povekjefleksibilni and reliable. Energy, weight and physical strength of the players influence the outcome ataukesan with strugglesbetween players.

It also moves more rhesymegolErbyn; favorsteam game and a slower pace than in previous years. It is more difficultto bring the ball into the net. Now, you need to studypemainfieldand situation like thetimingpravo use STORE teammates shot “to take.

PES 2014 is the direction away from the sudden change in past games; in their place is a more natural movement. Cross will be calibrated more “manual” than before, and body image are more credible, although beberapatrajektori looks a little wheel.

Thegoalkeepers increase well.they has great animation and some amazing spasuva.Nachinotthey go out and cross the ball forhigh convincing, although it should be required slowness and lack of reactivity goalkeeper striker Facing left a lot (Xbox button on the joypad).

Artificial intelligence is a major highlight of PES 2014 Mae’rchwaraewyr treated by the CPU moves Welland seems more uncertain, workas team and, if necessary, you can take pictures leave you speechless. There are 6 difficulty nivoaMozhnost choice for AI.

but lepasbaik PES 2014 requiresthe right tactics for your team. The scope of the game is more limited than in FIFA, but a great editor to make up for this deficiency by providing the ability to create some of your module.

unusual gameclimate

New graphics engine Fox worked in PES 2014dobro.Semua the information taken into account, and physical resemblance virtual players some really interesting (but only for famous people, “not to recognize good” people who are a little rough around the edges) , Greate careeach stage of production, excellent choreography and sepandukPerincian foreach unique team.

Despite these improvements, the engine continues to mature, we found the skeleton while falling, although they do not affect the gaming experience. Moreover, inexplicable lack of rain or snow. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’scertainly unusual for a game of this caliber.

Other barufungsi PES 2014 is the almost complete absence of “binary”: Playersnow move with freedom and without a frame that has been set.

Sound effects are probably the best elements of PES 2014 godinaPublikata 12 chwaraewrar golf incessant roar of the team supportingthe, galvanizingevery risky move, whistling atopponents and encourage theirheroes on target, especially in the most wild game. In short, Konami has managed to create a wonderful atmosphere in which the gamer really involved emotionally.

Dawn Eranew

Pro Evolution Soccer for, this is the beginning of a new era.Ova questions bergantungpenuh game: more team play, players gwellrheolaeth, physics revised, realistic and address a range of features that enhance the game experience.

Therefore, PES 2014 FIFA finally win? In one word – no.The EAsimulator still be king, but the gap is narrowing and titleis Konamialternatif definitely more viable.

naProgramerite make fun, gamesbearing, which allows players to self toimmerse stadium without equal in any football game to the other.

Fox engine, though still a bit immature and rough around the edges, is re pentingkelahiran franchise. Konami will definitely take a big step in the right direction: Aspects simulation title has increased considerably, much to the happiness of all the purists of the genre.

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